Heart Land: Youth Ecological Grief Session

Our youth leaders took a journey around the spiral last month! 🌀

We were fortunate to have Heart Land lead the January mentorship session of our Green Youth Leadership Program.

For the past couple of months, Heart Land has generously collaborated with us through our Green Youth Leadership Program, from supporting the program through sponsorship to leading a workshop with the youth. Their session on ecological grief has played an integral role in expanding the scope of teachings available for the youth and in the youth’s development as climate leaders.

It was a lovely and successful session of healing! Heart Land facilitator Robin guided us through a series of exercises and techniques aimed at enriching our mindfulness. We were able to broaden our understanding of earth care, practice reflection, and deepen connections with the people and life around us. Skills very much needed for the future of the planet and within the environmental sector!

Visit Heart Land’s website here: https://www.griefintogrowth.com/

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