Ask The Experts: Part 1

Energy Projects and Financing in 2021: How YOUR Faith Community Can Benefit From These Opportunities

February 16, 2021

This hour-long webinar is the first in a 2 part series on helping guide your faith community around different energy, environmental sustainability projects and how to finance these types of projects in 2021.

Our Speakers

Aaron Thornell – Customer and Member Manager at CoEnergy Co-operative Ottawa

Learn more about CoEnergy and Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative’s (OREC) work on renewable energy, sustainability projects, and ways of financing these projects.

Melanie Johnston – Home Energy Services Director at EnviroCentre

Melanie will be discussing EnviroCentre’s work and services on environmental sustainability and how these services would be beneficial to YOUR faith communities.

This Webinar Was Recorded

Watch the Recording Here – Ask the Experts: Part 1

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