Case Studies

Ottawa Faith-Building Energy Benchmarking Case Studies

In 2019-2021, 50 Ottawa Faith Communities participated in our Energy Benchmarking Program. Learn about their experiences in the program and the amazing work 10 of these groups are doing to help save energy!

Energy Benchmarking Case Study

Learn about what it’s like to participate in the Energy Benchmarking Program, to ask energy-saving questions to an expert, and to be inspired by the amazing work of this congregation!

Outdoor Greening Case Studies

These Outdoor Greening Case Studies are available both as ONE BOOKLET or they can be downloaded INDIVIDUALLY.

Read how other faith communities are expanding their mission outdoors through various gardens including xeriscape, labyrinth, pollinator, sacred medicine wheel, and wildflower gardens.

10 Mission Per Square Foot Case Studies

These Ottawa case studies explore how diverse faith communities are fully and sustainably utilizing their buildings, guided by a clear mission and in service to the larger community. The MPSF program was re-labelled Regeneration Works: Places of Faith in 2017.