Energy Efficiency Photo Treasure Hunt

Inspired by Energy Star’s Action Workbook for Congregations and the Treasure Hunt for Worship Facilities– GSS Ottawa has created a simplified photo scavenger hunt version you can complete with anyone in your faith congregation (including youth)! We challenge you to complete as many items on the checklist as possible and document the process by taking photos! You can either schedule a time to have our GSS Ottawa Team come help you complete the hunt OR you can complete it on your own and email us the photos! Earn as many points as you can to CLAIM YOUR TREASURE CHEST PRIZE!

One of our feature prizes is a FREE application for a greening certificate! This is a great way to celebrate the sustainable work your community has done and identify some next steps. Find out more HERE.

Another amazing prize is a sugar bush party for your green team! Celebrate your community greening with taffy on snow!