Food & Waste

Learn more about managing your food and waste with these tools and resources!

Food and waste play a huge role in our society and climate. Therefore, finding ways to minimize food loss and take better care of our waste is crucial to adopting better habits to help the environment. The following resources are a great place to start thinking!

GentleWays for OurPlanet: Step by Step Guide to Promote the Green Bin Program in your Building

This toolkit guide put together by GentleWays for OurPlanet can be used to educate others on our Green Bin Program here in Ottawa and how to use it effectively. Help divert waste from landfills by taking advantage of green bins!

Click the image to download the guide!

EarthHub: Items to Keep Out of the Landfill

Use this simple infographic to remind yourself about what items are better left out of our landfills! This infographic is also part of their landfill program.

EarthHub collects the following items to be reused:

  • Prescription Pill Bottles
  • Egg Cartons (6, 12, 18 packs)
  • Used Crayons
  • Empty Lip Balm & Glue stick Tubes
  • Used Mascara Wands​
  • Plastic Bottle Caps
  • Bread/Milk Bag Tags
  • Can Pull Tabs

Email them or connect with their Ottawa Chapter Facebook group to donate or get involved!

Green Churches Network: Food & Recycling

“The Green Churches Network equips faith communities to opt for better ecological practices while educating members to live in a way that stewards creation.”

Learn about how you can implement ethical eating and better food use HERE.

Learn techniques and habits to implement more recycling and reduce waste HERE .

The Box of Life: Composting

The Box of Life is a vermi-composting company that designs sustainable worm farms in Ottawa in order to encourage composting and reduce landfill contributions.

Akil, the founder of The Box of Life believes that “the humble composting earthworm can reshape our relationship with food and rekindle our love for nature in the urban world!”

Click here to sign up for a workshop!

Find a worm farm near you!