Funding Opportunities

Need Help Financing Your Project? Start Here!

Below we have compiled a list of various programs, rebates, grants, and incentives to help you get started!

Retrofit/Energy Funding Programs for Faith, Spiritual, & Community Buildings

  1. Sustainable Capacity Foundation & GSS – Faithfully Green Fund: Loan program to help faith communities fund retrofit projects
  2. Infrastructure Canada – Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program
    • Currenly CLOSED.
    • Funding for small and large retrofit projects.
    • Eligible for community, culture and recreation facilities and for Indigenous facilities (eg. friendship centres).
  3. The Counties SDG – Regional Incentives Program
    • Currently CLOSED.
    • Funding (up to $50,000 in 50% matching grants) for retrofits, renovations, and property improvements for buildings within the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties.
  4. SaveOnEnergy
  5. Enbridge – Fixed Incentive Program
    • Space Heating: Air Curtains, Condensing make-up air (MUA) Units & Dock door seals
    • Ventilation: Destratification fans, Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy recovery ventilator (ERV), Demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV), Demand control ventilation (DCV)
    • Hot Water: Ozone laundry
  6. Enbridge – Commercial Custom Retrofit Program
    • Boilers
    • Water Heating Systems
    • Building automation systems
    • Heat recovery
    • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  7. Enbridge – Smart Thermostat Program: Get a $75 instant discount when you buy a smart thermostat
  8. IESO – Indigenous Community Energy Plan Program: Energy plan funding for Indigenous communities

Electric Vehicle (EV) ZEVIP Program

  1. Government of Canada
  2. Hydro Ottawa – CLOSED
  3. EPCOR Go Ev Funding – CLOSED
  4. Alectra Utilities – CLOSED
  5. Essex Powerlines – for Windsor-Essex County
  6. Green Economy Canada – CLOSED

Gardening-Related Grants

  1. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant (TD-FEF):
    • Winter Submission Deadline: January 15
    • Summer Submission Deadline: July 15
  2. Community Garden Development Fund: Financial support for existing and new gardens in Ottawa
  3. Communities in Bloom: Various opportunities yearly.
  4. 2 Billion Trees Program Funding: New tree planting. Ongoing call for proposals.
  5. Tree Canada – Community Tree Grants: Grant applications are currently closed until Fall 2023.
  6. The Pollination Project – Daily Grant Program: Microgrants of $1000 all year round.
  7. WWF – Go Wild Grants: Funding for students & educators to implement community gardens.
  8. Green Communities Canada’s Living Cities Fund – Demonstrate Stream: Up to $15,000 for creation of new, nature-based, community-led green infrastructure projects, including depave projects, mini forest projects, rain garden projects, and pollinator gardens and/or pathways. Currently CLOSED. 

Community-Based Project Funding

  1. Community Environmental Projects Grant Program (CEPGP): Applications are currently open for 2023-2024 projects. Currently CLOSED.
  2. Ottawa Community Foundation – Community Grants Program: One-year grants and multi-year grants available.
    • One-year grant deadlines: February 1 & October 1
    • Multi-year grant deadline: December 1
  3. EcoAction Community Funding Program: Currently CLOSED.
  4. Ontario Trillium Foundation – Grants: Various grants available to communities, youth, and Indigenous groups. Here are a few relevant options:
  5. Canada Post – Community Foundation Grants: Currently CLOSED until Winter 2024.
  6. The McLean Foundation – Grants: Canada wide grants for charitable community projects.
  7. Honda Canada Foundation – Grants: Funding for charitable non profits.
  8. Commission for Environmental Cooperation – EJ4Climate Grant Program: Project funding for underserved and vulnerable communities. Currently CLOSED.
  9. Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program: Applications for 2022 now closed, but will reopen in fall 2023.
  10. IESO Education and Capacity Building Program: Funding to Indigenous communities for education and skills on energy systems.

Youth Funding

  1. Ontario Trillium Foundation – Grants: Various grants available to communities, youth, and Indigenous groups. Here is a youth option:
  2. Laidlaw Foundation – Grants & Programs: Multiple grant opportunities for youth action and Indigenous community engagement. Here is a youth option:
  3. WWF – Go Wild Grants: Funding for students & educators to implement community gardens
  4. Nature Canada – Young Nature Leaders Grant: A grant program in collaboration with Women for Nature that provides youth under 30 with $1000 to implement an environmental project. Currently CLOSED.

Faith-Based Funders

  1. United Church:
  2. Anglican Foundation: Deadlines April 1st and September 1st
  3. Evangelical Lutheran Foundation of Eastern Canada (ElFEC)
  4. EnviroMuslims: CLOSED – offered grants of up to $1000 to mosques around Canada for sustainability initiatives. Contact GSS or for more information or visit the application form here.

Grants for Homes

  1. Natural Resources Canada – Canada Greener Homes Grant: Retrofit funding for homeowners
  2. SaveOnEnergy – Energy Affordability Program: Free energy upgrades for income eligible homes
  3. Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program: Loan program for energy efficient retrofits
  4. Enbridge – Home Winterproofing Program: Free energy upgrades for homes in need

    Hello Vélo: City of Ottawa Parking Services Program

    Hello Vélo is a new initiative by Parking Services that incentivizes private organizations (such as local businesses) by subsidizing 50 per cent of the cost when purchasing a bike rack from the City’s inventory. 

    Interested in getting a new bike rack for your organization? Please email and Parking Services will help you place your order. Please note that they only accept payments via e-transfer and that your organization will be responsible for pick-up and installation.