Funding Opportunities

Need Help Financing Your Project? Start Here!

Below we have compiled a list of various government-sponsored programs, rebates, grants, and incentives to help you get started!

Retrofit/Energy Funding Programs

  1. Sustainable Capacity Foundation & GSS – Faithfully Green Fund
    • Loan program to help faith communities fund retrofit projects
  2. Natural Resources Canada – Canada Greener Homes Grant
    • Retrofit funding for homeowners
  3. Infrastructure Canada – Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program
    • Now accepting applications until February 28, 2023
    • Funding for small and large retrofit projects
    • Eligible for community, culture and recreation facilities and for Indigenous facilities (eg. friendship centres)
  4. The Counties SDG – Regional Incentives Program
    • Now accepting applications until February 24, 2023, but there will be other intakes later in the year
    • Funding (up to $50,000 in 50% matching grants) for retrofits, renovations, and property improvements for buildings within the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties
  5. SaveOnEnergy – Small Business Program
    • Lighting
    • Refrigeration
    • Smart Thermostats
  6. SaveOnEnergy – Retrofit Program
    • HVAC Systems
    • Lighting
  7. SaveOnEnergy – Energy Affordability Program
    • Free energy upgrades for income eligible homes
  8. Enbridge – Fixed Incentive Program
    • Space Heating: Air Curtains, Condensing make-up air (MUA) Units & Dock door seals
    • Ventilation: Destratification fans, Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy recovery ventilator (ERV), Demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV), Demand control ventilation (DCV)
    • Hot Water: Ozone laundry
  9. Enbridge – Commercial Custom Retrofit Program
    • Boilers
    • Water Heating Systems
    • Building automation systems
    • Heat recovery
    • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  10. Enbridge – Smart Thermostat Program
    • Get a $75 instant discount when you buy a smart thermostat
  11. Enbridge – Home Winterproofing Program
    • Free energy upgrades for homes in need
  12. United Church of Canada – UCC Faithful Footprints Program (United Churches ONLY)
    • Any energy-efficient retrofits: Lighting, HVAC, Insulation, Refrigeration, etc.
  13. IESO – Indigenous Community Energy Plan Program
    • Energy plan funding for Indigenous communities
  14. Better Homes Ottawa – Loan Program
    • Loan program for energy efficient retrofits

Electric Vehicle (EV) ZEVIP Program

  1. Government of Canada
  2. Hydro Ottawa
  3. EPCOR Go Ev Funding
  4. Elexicon Group
  5. Scout Environmental
  6. Alectra Utilities
  7. Essex Powerlines
  8. Indigenous Clean Energy
  9. Green Economy Canada

Gardening-Related Grants

  1. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant (TD-FEF):
    • Winter Submission Deadline: January 15
    • Summer Submission Deadline: July 15
  2. Community Garden Development Fund: Financial support for existing and new gardens in Ottawa
  3. Communities in Bloom: Various opportunities yearly
  4. 2 Billion Trees Program Funding: Applications for 2022 have closed, but future funding rounds will be available
  5. Tree Canada – Community Tree Grants: Grant applications are currently closed until Fall 2023
  6. The Pollination Project – Daily Grant Program: Microgrants of $1000 all year round
  7. WWF – Go Wild Grants: Funding for students & educators to implement community gardens

Community-Based Project Funding

  1. Community Environmental Projects Grant Program (CEPGP): 2022 applications now closed, contact for 2023 updates
  2. Ottawa Community Foundation – Community Grants Program: One-year grants and multi-year grants available
    • One-year grant deadlines: February 1 & October 1
    • Multi-year grant deadline: December 1
  3. EcoAction Community Funding Program: Application period for 2023-2024 is now closed
  4. Ontario Trillium Foundation – Grants: Various grants available to communities, youth, and Indigenous groups. Here are a few relevant options:
  5. Canada Post – Community Foundation Grants: 2022 application period currently closed. Applications open again in March 2023
  6. The McLean Foundation – Grants: Canada wide grants for charitable community projects
  7. Honda Canada Foundation – Grants: Funding for charitable non profits
  8. Commission for Environmental Cooperation – EJ4Climate Grant Program: Project funding for underserved and vulnerable communities. Applications currently closed.
  9. Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program: Applications for 2022 now closed, but will reopen in 2023
  10. IESO Education and Capacity Building Program: Funding to Indigenous communities for education and skills on energy systems. Applications to open again in 2023.

Youth Funding

  1. Ontario Trillium Foundation – Grants: Various grants available to communities, youth, and Indigenous groups. Here is a youth option:
  2. Laidlaw Foundation – Grants & Programs: Multiple grant opportunities for youth action and Indigenous community engagement. Here is a youth option:
  3. WWF – Go Wild Grants: Funding for students & educators to implement community gardens
  4. Nature Canada – Young Nature Leaders Grant: A grant program in collaboration with Women for Nature that provides youth under 30 with $1000 to implement an environmental project. Applications currently open until February 23, 2023.

Faith-Based Funders

  1. United Church of Canada (UCC) Foundation
  2. Anglican Foundation: Deadlines April 1st and September 1st
  3. Evangelical Lutheran Foundation of Eastern Canada (ElFEC)
  4. Faithful Footprints: Up to $20,000 in energy efficient grant money for United Churches
  5. EnviroMuslims: Currently offering grants of up to $1000 to mosques around Canada for sustainability initiatives
    • Contact GSS or for more information or visit the application form here.

Hello Vélo: City of Ottawa Parking Services Program

Hello Vélo is a new initiative by Parking Services that incentivizes private organizations (such as local businesses) by subsidizing 50 per cent of the cost when purchasing a bike rack from the City’s inventory. 

Interested in getting a new bike rack for your organization? Please email and Parking Services will help you place your order. Please note that they only accept payments via e-transfer and that your organization will be responsible for pick-up and installation.