Hope For The Future: Moving in the Right Direction

December 8, 2020

Join Greening Sacred Spaces Ottawa for the last webinar of 2020! This has been a crazy year, so we named the webinar “Hope for the Future” as a reminder that despite all the challenges we faced this past year, it’s important to keep moving forward and work towards making a more sustainable future for all.  

Our presentation – delivered by our Ottawa Team – provided a soft introduction of what is being done by communities in the Ottawa area to be more sustainable in terms of energy projects, how becoming more sustainable aligns with many faith communities’ mission for environmental stewardship, and how our local faith communities can contribute towards a more sustainable future themselves. We will also provide you with a simple way to get started in your sustainable journey as a faith community!

This Webinar Was Recorded

Watch the Recording Here: Hope for the Future

Slide Presentation Available Below: