Tip Sheets & Graphic Resources

Free Downloadable Resources!

Take a look at the free graphic resources we have available in order to learn some useful tips and tricks! These free downloadable information guides provide ‘simple steps to save’ paired with Canadian case study examples. More tip sheets can be found HERE on Faith & the Common Good’s website. Feel free to share!

Improving Building Energy Efficiency and Greening Series

Importance of Lighting Infographic
Importance of winterizing infographic – French Version Included
Food Preparation Hot Infographic

Outdoor Greening Fact Sheets

Read about the possibilities of turning a section of your faith community property into an ecological haven for wildlife including pollinators such as insects and birds. Get to know more about the benefits of planting native species of grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees for your new meditation or prayer garden or in your memorial grounds. A special thanks to our funders the Ottawa Community Foundation and the City of Ottawa (CEPGP) for supporting the creation of these local resources!

These Outdoor Greening Fact Sheets & Primer are available both as ONE BOOKLET or they can be downloaded INDIVIDUALLY

Pollinator Education Resources

Remind yourself of some practices and habits that you can adopt to better support and sustain the local biodiversity in your environment.

Feel free to share this tip sheet with your community and use it as an educational resource or poster.

Introduce your community to the importance of pollinators with this short & simple presentation that overviews who pollinators are, their significance in nature, and how we can help them thrive. It also contains resources to learn more about pollinators.

Environmental Project Ideas/Inspiration

In partnership with Watersheds Canada, we have put together a graphic resource that outlines ideas for green initiatives that your community can take on to promote environmental stewardship and increase environmental education.

Let’s build something together.